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In the heart of 65 hectares of protected nature

Perched on the limestone heights of Haut Astarac, in the heart of the Natura 2000 protected area on the Lauze hills, Ensarnaut is located in the wildest and most preserved part of the Gers.

In this property abandoned for 30 years, nature has regained its rights, and it is in a site with galloping biodiversity that our ponies live, with the mission of carrying out gentle and progressive clearing.

Immersion in

An intact and wild nature

You can share with the ponies, 65 hectares of valleys, groves, moors, pine forests, meadows, garrigues and oak woods around a large “hill lake”. You can walk, ride a pony or with your mountain bike.

You can rest, picnic by the lake, plant your easel on the “promontory”, observe butterflies, birds, insects, flowers. The extensive grazing of ponies is the condition for the survival of many orchid species.

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The property is classified as a “LPB refuge” (League for the Protection of Birds) and is intended to be a haven of peace for all wild animals.
You will be able to observe a multitude of species of butterflies, insects and birds.
You will surely see the deer, you will see the badger’s tracks and you will perhaps hear, in the evening, the strange song of the whippoorwill, under a beautiful sky full of stars.


The mosaic of different environments and the great variety of ecological niches shelter a very diversified vegetation, of Mediterranean, oceanic or even Pyrenean influence, depending on the exposure.

There are about thirty wild orchid species, some of which are rare and protected.

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In Ensarnaut

All seasons are beautiful



Summer offers us its long days, its warmth, its implacable light, which invites us to take a nap in the coolness of the cottages.


The quality of the light and the colour palette are incomparable, the temperature delicious.


In winter, the weather is variable, it can snow and freeze, but never for very long, and wide periods of warm winter sunshine allow you to eat outside.


Spring… it is the explosion of flowers that hurry to bloom, before the drought of summer.

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